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Animated Video

We create animated explainer videos to help your clients understand your products and services. 
If you have a graphic designer or illustrator in-house, then just provide us with the files and we will animate them for you.
Choose the complexity of animation you need.

At Royal Lions you are in great hands, with dozens of experienced illustrators, motion designers and animators to assist you in whatever you need.


It’s about time that we throw out the old ways of communicating with our prospects. Be it a document, an image or a presentation…. there’s always something amiss. Catch up with the current era! Animated explainer videos not only get your brand message across, but also give the extra little push to convert a maybe to a definite yes! Be it a 2D or a 3D video produced by our explainer video company, the ensemble of attractive visuals, a breathtaking voice over with a mind-blowing concept is unbeatable!

Product Explainer Video

What influences people to buy one product but not the other?

Is it its composition, its features or maybe its appearance?

We how you market your product is what determines how well it sells. And a 2D or 3D product explainer video showcasing your product’s features, appearance and composition can build your sales from level zero to infinity. Don’t just advertise for the sake of doing it, be a pro with a unique product explainer video!

Logo Animation

From Bollywood film companies looking to spice up their brand name, business owners getting involved in web marketing, production houses that need to take their videos to the next level, and podcasters or YouTube producers wanting to add some motion design to their show name. Every logo design is unique and, often times, has a beautiful logo animation concept just waiting to be revealed.

Our team of artists, designers, and animators has enabled Royal Lions to become the industry leader in crafting quality logo animations.

Whiteboard Explainer Video

The Draw Shop is a leader in marketing videos, specializing in whiteboard animation and drawings.  Our first intention is to make jaws drop and mouths say “WHOA!”  In doing so, our clients are rewarded with whiteboard videos that increase sales and marketing success.  Whether it’s a service, an idea or an unbelievably firework-worthy product that can revolutionize the world, The Draw Shop Team of marketing geniuses know how to get the world to take notice.

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