How We Work

Receive a FREE consultation session to go over the process of how our we work. If you would like to talk with a Royal Lions Representative call 9819985825 now. So, we will walk you through the process and answer any question you may have directly.

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First things first. You have a budget that you need to stick too. We assure you that there are no hidden or extra costs. We are very Transparent and we work around your budget and services needed.

Plan Consultation

The 2nd and our favorite step is Plan Consultation. This is where we get to have a conversation with you about your businesses and its goals.

We learn about your marketing needs and talk about different routes you can take to achieve your goals. We answer any questions you may have and discuss the next steps. So, you will be able to select a service to start.

Service Selection

Service Selection happens at the end of the plan consultation. This is where you choose your services that you want to utilize for the month or the time of contract. After choosing the services you desire, we get you started in the on-boarding process. We are offering wide ranges of digital marketing solutions including marketing & IT solutions and event management. 


The on boarding stage is where exchange information needed to start services. Fill-out a couple of checklists and we get everything ready to start.

Service Start

This is your favorite part; all services start and you watch your business grow.


The review process happens at the end of each month. This is where we take the time to discuss with you the results of the marketing work. We show you growth over the last month, and give suggestions on how to continue to grow. We review your services and make any necessary changes for the next month.