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From SMEs to large-scale enterprises, we are a top pick when it comes to the top list of cloud ERP vendors in Mumbai.

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Scale up and adopt to evolving business models. Yes, the flexibility of our business software solutions allows you to do it all in an easy and seamless manner.

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Ready to deploy and customized business software solutions to help businesses in India keep up with the digital revolution.

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Real time access to intelligent analytics is the USP of our business software solutions. Helping businesses leverage the power of business intelligence.


Following are the Industry Solutions we provide.


ERP Software for Service Industry

For business operating in the services industry, every day brings in a new set of challenges. These challenges include but are not limited to tracking profitability, managing customer expectations, and much more.

We have a well – designed ERP software for the services industry to address to all these pain-points to help you plan your resources efficiently. Resource planning is one of the toughest jobs when we talk about the services industry.

ERP for Real Estate Industry

Real estate being one of the most booming industries across the nation holds a good amount of competency thereby. Increasing population and improved standards of living are two key reasons one can say.

How does the real estate sector keep up with the burgeoning demands? Enterprise resource planning software with its reliable modules like inventory manager, tracking tool, etc. helps in streamlining the misaligned and important operations for a real estate business. Some of the major operations or challenges for a real estate business are generating and maintaining leads, maintaining good relations with customers, tracking data, accounting and many more.

ERP for Banking Sector

For a country, banking sector carries high importance. It includes guarding finance and promote investments. It is like a treasure to any country, especially for a developing country like India whose GDP growth is seen to be increasing every year since the economic liberalization.

As a result, it becomes essential to take the working method of bank / any financial industry into consideration. After all, ‘money is everything’. Therefore, necessary measures must be taken in order to satisfy the security and efficient functioning of the banking sector.

ERP for banking sector brings ease to your feet with its key modules and features with all-time availability. It simply handles the complexity of entire banking process with ease. Added security makes the banking ERP software an ideal solution. Let it be any banking Sector.


ERP for Healthcare Industry

Indian healthcare market is estimated to reach a staggering 372 billion dollars by 2022. This is because of the increasing awareness about healthcare and its importance. In addition, with the recent government initiatives to provide healthcare facilities to every nook and corner of the country, things look quite promising for the healthcare industry overall. All such initiatives have been driving the industry to a whole new level altogether.

With the growing competition in healthcare industries, the need to stand out has witnessed a steep rise in the recent past. Therefore, in order to stay an edge ahead, businesses operating in the healthcare sector ought to leverage next-gen enterprise technology solutions to get past the curve.


ERP for Hospitality industry

Hospitality industry in India is experiencing a stiff competition. In addition, it observed more than 5 percent rise in tourists visiting India year by year.

Now imagine the recognition of your company in such a huge and competitive market. To stand out and perform the best, ERP system must be your next move. Hospitality ERP software enables you to perform your daily activities in a more organized and responsive manner.

Irrespective of the size of your hospitality business, ERP system can be a blessing to your management. Be it MIS reporting or maintaining transactions, ERP can manage all.


ERP for Financial Services

ERP in financial services gives a 360-degree view of all operations. Our ERP solutions support a good range of types of industries including the financial services sector. Our business software solutions have been successfully assisting number of financial and banking related industries since decades.

Financial management software such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution is useful for planning resources and operations. In order to plan your activities seamlessly with spot-on forecasts, go with ERP.


ERP for Media & Advertising Industry

Software for media and advertising industry brings in the most needed revolution to the work style. It lets your PR and advertising department to bring in more profits along with operational efficiency. Our ERP software for media industry comprises of all the features and functionalities needed to help every operational requirement.

The information gained through an ERP system gives the required insights into actual on-goings in the business and helps you improve and streamline the processes., if needed. Media and advertising businesses need addressing many people and therefore our enterprise management software with its benefits like storing data, predicting future needs, tracking progress, etc. makes it so suitable for the media industry.


ERP For Manufacturing


ERP is a comprehensive enterprise resource planning system that offers a transformation for manufacturing firms from the traditional software. In today’s hostile business environment, it is essential to be prepared to face a competitive world. ERP offers solution that enables manufacturing companies to compete in the prevailing market. A better management of your manufacturing processes transform the supply chain to achieve production plan with your sales plan, finance and customers.

Need of ERP system in manufacturing firms

Manufacturing firms need to address several key strategic issues if they want to successfully compete in this dynamically changing business environment. A common strategy used by firms for achieving this goal is just-in-time and quality improvement programs.

Web-based ERP system is designed to address the problem of breakup of information in manufacturing organizations. ERP system regulates the entire business strategies with a suite of software modules in all the areas of business. Moreover, ERP is used as a desirable link to enhance integration between all functional areas within the manufacturing enterprise.

Manufacturing companies look for ERP to compete globally


ERP software is an easy to install system that streamlines manufacturing processes through automated planning, scheduling and fulfillment. The ERP system yields new data intelligence that quickens decision making and reduces administration costs.

In the manufacturing process, each step can spectacularly affect profitability. Gaining more visibility into processes and optimizing each step efficiently is crucial for any company wanting to compete globally. An effective ERP system is already tuned to the needs of the manufacturing industry. The ERP tool simplifies the IT environment to make every business process transparent and more effective.

Select the right ERP system for your manufacturing processes

When a manufacturing company plans an ERP implementation, the primary motivations are business transformation, business process harmonization and the technology upgrade which eventually leads to replacement of the legacy system.

With the business transformation, the aim of the management is to undertake changes at the top line or bottom line of its business process. Business process harmonization is a business transformation exercise where the objective is to generate process benefits across the organization. During a technology upgrade, the IT organization is expected to replace the legacy system with the latest technology to reduce application management costs and total cost of ownership.

There is no harm if decision makers are given little more sleeping time during the evaluation of the right ERP package for their organization. Selecting an inappropriate ERP package is like inviting troubles and business challenges. An ERP system that is not a right fit tends to weigh down the entire organization. Wrong selection of an ERP package can compromise security and audit requirements and have a hampering effect on employee morale.


At a glance – ERP benefits for a manufacturing organization


  • ERP software helps in minimize manufacturing cost and in increasing of resource utilization
  • Increase production benefits by using the right ERP tool
  • ERP ensures on-time delivery
  • Ensure transparent operational control with ERP

ERP is designed for manufacturing excellence. With visibility throughout the operation via ERP and embedded support for a wide variety of manufacturing processes – including make-to-stock, make-to-order, configure-to-order, engineer-to-order, just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing and materials control, and lean operations.

ERP is changing the competitive landscape for manufacturers. Small to midsize manufacturing companies benefit from a fully integrated, on-demand ERP solution designed to reduce cost, improve customer service, increase margins and generate new revenue streams. Manufacturers can improve business performance with an intensely useful, yet easily affordable, web-based ERP solution.


ERP Software for Ecommerce Industry

E-commerce has experienced swift agility in no time. On top of it, the boundless market opportunity that it has been giving to business of all stature, has got it immense customers. The capacity of innovation and e-commerce has brought the whole worldwide market onto the merchants’ hands, making it less demanding for the traders. In addition, it is easier for merchants to track the clients demands and buying patterns any day anytime.

Ecommerce ERP Integration: Why Retailers Should Integrate?

To add more to it, India is the second biggest e-commerce base across the world, in this manner adding another motivation to change to E-following, to help up your business execution. Presently, opposite such huge advantages, the nation has seen a quick surge in the quantity of E-Tailors in the current years, which additionally offered acceleration to an extreme market competition.


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for ecommerce gives you a chance to deal with every component of your procedures efficiently to flawlessness and can enable you to split the market, giving you a genuinely necessary business lead.

ERP need for E-commerce industry:

Manual entry of the business orders into ERP is a tedious and painful process. It includes lots of hassles in updating an item or information in Excel, and after that transferring to the web store. If you are reliant on decreasing stock in your systems physically, or not ready to do it all, at that point it can make you oversell. There is a considerable measure of opportunities to commit errors as these procedures are not automated. Few common mistakes are:

  • Wrong dispatching addresses
  • Inappropriate inventory levels
  • Missing, fragmented, or wrong item data

To simplify, when you don’t integrate ecommerce with ERP, you put both you business and customer experience at stake.

How Does An ERP System Benefit Ecommerce Retailers?

  • Diminishes Operation Costs:The real-time data available from the ERP system to the storefront, allows the clients to view recent order status, track shipments through tracking numbers as well as get information on available inventory. With the help of automated data inputs, you can save on reworks, errors and order backfires. It acts as a complete webstore software that cuts down operational costs.
  • Higher Internal Productivity:Integrated systems have a great role to streamline multiple business processes. Due to this the involvement of human resource in the processes is reduced to a certain level. Ecommerce orders when integrated to the ERP system in real-time, helps back office ERP user to track the order at once and start with the next process. Hence, integration cuts down the order fulfillment cycle.
  • Decreases Inventory Cost:All the data about web deals shows up in your ERP framework quickly. Based on web exchanges, ERP item inventory will likewise get refreshed. In this manner, with breakthrough data about stock and web deals, an ERP client can design the buy legitimately, hence diminishing stock expenses.
  • Better Customer Satisfaction:Without breaking a sweat of getting cutting-edge item data, arrange following points of interest, and stock accessibility detail from ERP framework, expands the fulfillment level of a purchaser.
  • Produces Financial Reports in ERP:Ecommerce applications generate financial reports of sales Integration of ecommerce with ERP helps business produce P/L Statement, cash flow, balance sheet and trial balance that offers the required clarity in financial information.
  • Better Control of your Business:ERP software with ecommerce integration will help the storefront get better idea of their process. It will help business owners gain a highly competitive edge in the market.


Royal Lions gives you a comprehensive and integrated platform to run your business, your way. Integrate your purchasing, inventory, sales and billing, product management, vendor management, and financial reporting processes on a single platform and gain insight into day-to-day business operations in real-time.

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