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Local is Crucial!

Local marketing is a crucial aspect of a successful, comprehensive digital marketing strategy. For small local business or the business with multiple locations or even the corporation seeking more local customers, a traditional approach to SEO won’t be enough. In fact, marketing to a targeted local audience requires its own unique set of strategies.

When done correctly, local online marketing allows businesses to…


  • improve their branding, 
  • positively engage with their community, 
  • increase customer loyalty
  • and secure higher conversion rates. 

It also helps customers find your business (and yes, they’re looking), helps you to more effectively spend marketing dollars and mitigates the loss of valuable market shares to your competition.  

Local Marketing Matters!

Did you know that research indicates that nearly 75% of consumers use Google every month to search for a local business or service?

What a Local Marketing Campaign Looks Like?

Effective local marketing involves numerous components that require seamless, simultaneous implementation. The following chart is a summary of the possible techniques we may execute in a typical local marketing campaign.

Local SEO Services

Local SEO is a growing facet of the online search experience. Users are increasingly interested in searching for local information regarding places of interest and area businesses. These searchers are usually looking to find certain businesses of a certain type in a particular region. Whether it be a state, city, town, or neighborhood level of focus. Searchers gather information about these businesses and what they offer, getting contact details, check hours of operation, and mapping directions. In turn, local SEO works to increase your local visibility in the search results. Our local SEO services help increase the reach that your business has within its local market thus putting your information in front of more people online and giving you an advantage over your local competition.

Business Directory Listings

Royal Lions can create a number of local business profiles for your company on Google, Yelp, Bing, Facebook Foursquare and various other online directories. Google isn’t the only game in town. Royal Lions places your business location on the platforms your customers are searching, while ensuring accuracy, fixing errors and suppressing duplicates. Our primary goal is to make every client’s company more visible and accessible and, despite the decline in popularity of the physical phone book, an online business directory is now the best method for achieving both of these objectives. A local business listing is a page that provides basic contact information, including the company’s official name, address, and phone number known as NAP. Google uses NAP as a local ranking factor. The more directories and citations we build a business, the better chance they have of being found when customers locally search for their services. At Royal Lions, we'll create and manage all the necessary directories needed to get you found in your area

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing serves as a highly effective tactic in the local marketing space. Facebook and Instagram in particular offer advertising objectives that can specifically target by location. This effective targeting has its advantages over other paid advertising such as Google AdWords since you can target by the type of person and their interests instead of a keyword. With those ads, we can also create locally-advertised coupons and contests to engage a new audience in your area. Take advantage of social media and expand your local reach!

Google Business Optimization

Google Business and Google Maps are interrelated features that showcase company information within the search results. These results are typically found in Google's "Local Pack" which is where Google delivers the localized results to their searchers. High visibility on these features is immensely important as Google holds such dominance in web search which makes this an essential facet of local marketing. Similarly, many users utilize their phones for mobile searches and Google's "Local Pack” results nearly take up the entire screen of a mobile phone, making this an important place for any business to be listed no matter what.

Google AdWords

WebiMax can further help clients reach a local consumer base through the use of Google AdWords. A client’s ad will appear on a Google search results page at the top when users from a specific region search for a targeted keyword. This system ensures that businesses only target viewers who are actually interested in a particular service or product within the client’s region. This local advertising tactic can have a very large ROI for a business as it is guaranteed visibility.

Local Page Creation

When embarking on a local marketing campaign, it’s also smart to create separate, individual pages for each of a business’s locations. Why? Unique local web pages (not to be confused with directory profiles), can help improve organic search results for local businesses and provide an overall enhanced user experience. A unique local page allows visitors from specific locations to easily find exactly what they’re looking for when visiting a business’s main page.

Mobile Marketing

Royal Lions can also implement a mobile marketing plan as part of a comprehensive local campaign. Without proper mobile marketing, modern businesses have little to no chance of observing significant local growth. Why? The reality is that mobile device usage for Internet searches is skyrocketing, with 95% of mobile device owners stating that they rely on their devices for local searches. With that said, Google now takes a heavy stance on whether or not websites are "mobile-friendly." So if your site is not mobile friendly (or responsive) then chances are you won't rank as well as others.