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Reputation Management Services​

How's your online reputation?

Studies show that 80% of today’s customers are influenced by reviews and information they find online. Royal Lions can help you monitor and control what we find through our innovative reputation management services.

Crisis Response

Strategic PR

Brand Preservation

A Top Reputation Management Company

 Our reputation management company takes prides on the ability to approach each client with a customized approach. Moreover, our targeted strategy that fits their specific needs. No two clients are alike and no two strategies are identical. So, this sort of individualized approach enables Royal Lions to provide our clients with a strategy that is right for them. Not just a watered down generic strategy that other companies offer. So, we take pride in our reputation management services. The reason is our approach which is always unique to our client’s needs.

Our Reputation Management Process

  • We begin with a detailed reputation report that outlines the negative and positive content found on various parts of the internet.
  • The report identifies the strength of the various negative results. Moreover, it calculates the difficulty of effectively removing and or suppressing them.

Research shows that page one search results see about 95% of all search traffic. Therefor, removing or suppressing any page one negatives can have a positive impact on your campaign.

  • After completion of the report, we build a comprehensive reputation management strategy. So, it outlines all of the required steps to help remove and suppress the negative results found.
  • Additionally, we explain how we will replace it with positive. Therefore, newsworthy content more appealing to potential customers.

Over time, your unwanted content will begin to disappear. Moreover, you will see different, neutral and positive items take their place.

Reputation Monitoring

In addition, to providing strategies to clear your online reputation, Royal Lions also offers an extremely targeted reputation monitoring service that continues to watch your brand’s online sentiment and addresses concerns immediately. Moreover, this sort of proactive approach enables companies to rest assured that their brand is protected online by one of the most effective reputation management companies worldwide.

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