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Royal Lions provides Data-driven and creative influencer marketing services. We develop owned influencer communities for brands who dare to be awesome. Simply put, we unite impressive brands with impressive people.

We’re a full-service influencer marketing agency producing intent-driven campaigns that merge the needs of brands, audiences & influencers. People trust people. So, influencer marketing is a modern marketing concept building loyal relationships between brands and their consumers.

influencer marketing agency


  • Brands and Agencies contact Royal Lions because we’re the Best of Influencer Marketing agencies out there. Furthermore, we are the best at what we do.
  • Experts will cultivate a campaign around specific goals that will guarantee success. Therefore, our specialists ACTUALLY know how Influencer Marketing works. Moreover, we will do any and all creative around the campaign.
  • Unlike everyone else we actually either represent our Influencers or have direct relationships with talent globally. So, once we’ve crafted the strategy, we contract the world’s best content creators to tell your story to their audience.
  • Distribute the most organic and relatable content. So, it will be reached to millions of consumers across the globe.
  • Analytics: Royal Lions offers incredible insight and data into all of the results of the campaign, in real time, with the ability to tailor to maximize ROI.
  • ROUND 2: Royal Lions has a 98% retention rate and that’s because we are ACTUALLY the best at what we do.
influencer marketing agency
influencer marketing agency

Influencer marketing is not a quick fix or a silver bullet. However, when used smartly, it can deliver exceptional results. Experience the power of influencer Marketing contact us now to book an appointment with our expert.