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Sometimes trusted sources make mistakes as well.

Sometimes trusted sources make mistakes as well.

Search Engine Journal is one of the primary sources of information for SEO optimizers like me for the latest updates in regards to a google algorithm update. Now yes we can get into what google’s algorithm is but that is a huge topic that will require an article on its own. But what I wanted to talk about today is to point out a non-effective post or article or update by SEJ which has all the SEO optimizers in a rage.


The article discusses the importance of staying informed and vigilant as an SEO professional or website owner in light of Google’s upcoming March 2023 core algorithm update. The author recommends monitoring metrics, focusing on quality content, and optimizing technical aspects to maintain a competitive edge and ensure a website remains in good standing with Google. The update aims to improve the user search experience, and the author encourages website owners to prioritize their audience’s needs and provide valuable content.

Yes, these are the basic guidelines for SEO then why was this article written when there is no viable information to be conveyed? This is a classic example of the value of content to the quantity of content. Generate valuable content instead of filling up pages to get high-value clients or check their linked in to see the comment section as you will see some very irritated SEO optimizers giving their feedback on the article.

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