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Offline Public Relations

Traditionally, PR has, and continues to involve timely placement of advice-driven articles The release of pertinent data or research findings, not to mention identifying broadcast opportunities for clients. Offline PR involves engaging with newspaper journalist, TV reporters, Radio talent, industry publications, magazine editors, etc.

There are huge advantages to adopting an all-encompassing PR strategy. It includes publicity across the entire media spectrum (print, TV, radio, the internet). Having online PR in the mix provides a crucial avenue to reach potential customers and key influencers. By integrating online and offline PR, news generated by a company’s press office can be quickly spread through peer-to-peer networks. For example, Facebook, a result that traditional editorial focused PR is hard-pressed to achieve on its own.

One way in which to achieve this is to emphasize different aspects of a PR story.

It is depending on the target media outlet. For example, you might wish to keep your online communication brief and to the point. More in-depth analysis (the story behind the story) can take the form of the printed word. Moreover, the human element can be emphasized with broadcast channels.  All three will ensure the message is comprehensively covered without confusing the reader/viewer. In addition, these will have varying emotive effects depending on the message being conveyed.

A well written and optimized release with a topical subject matter will always gather more interest. However, a phrase I use frequently is that content may well be king. However, knowing where and how to publish a story will always be queen!

Online PR is certainly shaking up traditional marcomms. However, public relations remains a key aspect to crafting successful brands; marketers just need to think a little different. Rather than shying away from the changes, companies that can successful integrate their online and offline PR have the potential for real success.

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